Become More Aware of Your Surroundings

It is a busy world and we are constantly on the go. Often we become pre-occupied and we let our guards down unintentionally. Sometimes, it is important to take a moment and take stock in your surroundings. Danger lurks when and where we least expect it, and it would only take a moment of awareness to prevent a tragedy. With the simple tips, you can learn to become more aware of your surroundings.


Gas Stations

At gas stations it’s important to always lock your doors when pumping your gas. There has been an uptick in “Sliders” sneaking into the opposite side of your car and stealing purses and wallets while you are focused on pumping your gas. Most times this is done within seconds and you may never see the thief. Always be sure to go to well lit and attendant occupied gas stations. Before exiting your car, take a look around. If you feel unsafe, do not exit your vehicle. Keep your purse or wallet on you while you pump gas, or at the very least, make sure to lock your vehicle until you are ready to leave.




Urban Areas

Urban areas are very populated and busy throughout the day. In areas that have heavy foot traffic, pick pocketing can be very common. Make sure to have your belongings secured on you and always feel them from time to time just to make sure they’re still on your person. Many companies make concealed body packs that can be work under clothing for times when you will be traveling to high population areas. Always make sure to leave your most valuable items locked up safe in your home. Never carry your passport or social security card with you, unless you will specifically need to use it. Another tip is to be sure to keep your eyes up and alert. So many of us have our noses buried in our phones that we may not notice that we are in danger.


Mall Parking Lots

Mall parking lots are busy, especially during the holiday season. Be sure to always park in well-secured, well-lit areas with other people present. Do not park in areas that secluded and are far out of sight from the public. Also before leaving your vehicle, be sure to observe the surroundings around you to make sure no one suspicious is lurking about.


Arriving Home

Do not disregard your home as a place that is safe at all times. There is always a chance that you could be followed home, or signaled out due to a repetitive schedule.  As you arrive home make sure that there aren’t any suspicious vehicles that are driving nearby and that don’t seem to have a specific destination in mind. Also if you park in your garage, make sure to park in your garage and close the garage door before you depart the vehicle. Also, be sure to change up your routine every now and then to avoid someone with poor intentions from learning your schedule. Take a different route home every few days, or change up the days that you go grocery shopping.

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