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Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Surveillance technology has seen drastic improvement in the last five years. Gone are the days of grainy black and white video that pixelated and produced nothing of value. Our surveillance systems are IP based with high definition cameras that are manufactured to our specifications. The housing is metal and vandal resistant to guard against sabotage. The pictures are crisp and clear and in full High Definition (HD) color. And unlike other manufacturers, the night vision clarity on our cameras is truly amazing. With proper installation and lighting, our night time views look like daylight. Never miss an important incident.

Lawsuits are rampant these days and our surveillance cameras can assist you in prevention and defense of frivolous legal action. Whether customers or employees, the data saved on our NVR’s are streaming, high definition records of what has occurred. This information can guard you against expensive liability suits that could cost thousands.

Video Analytics are the new age of surveillance. If you have ever spent hours sifting through video to determine when an incident occurred, then you know how challenging it can be. With analytics, your cameras become security guards. They can tell the difference between a car and a helicopter shadow and a human and a dog. This is exciting technology. Our system works with our monitoring company as well as your on-site security to give you alerts to unauthorized human or vehicle traffic. We catch thieves and vandals in the act, not after the fact

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