DIY vs Professional Installation


We are in a present day where technology is evolving around us, and in order to keep up, we need to consistently educate ourselves. With security systems, they are always changing when it comes to automation, encryption, and technology. With new technology in our industry, the market has made it available to do it yourself (DIY), but is it really worthwhile in the long haul? Then, you have local companies that can provide a customized walk thru and professionally install it for you. The question is which route do I go with when it comes to DIY vs Professional installation?


Product and Technology

First, let’s talk about products and technology. Are you sure you know exactly where that sensor needs to be placed in order to maximize efficiency? How about if something goes wrong during your installation? Are you confident that you would be able to troubleshoot any errors that may occur? With all of the nuances of a security system installation, you want to be sure that you have the full support of a professional technician, and their years of experience on the job.

There are also so many things that your security system can do that you may not be aware of. Our technicians will teach you how to make the most of your security system. When you choose a DIY system, you miss out on valuable education that comes from a professional technician. You also miss our on being able to ask questions. It’s often extremely difficult to reach tech support over then phone, and you waste valuable time listening to hold music, just to as a simple question.



Not everything works seamlessly forever and that’s why we need support from time to time. With security systems, there are certain problems that can occur such as lightning damage, firmware updates, and Internet problems that can affect your system and requires support. With DIY, you’re going to have to call tech support, which most likely is outsourced and then try to go back and forth with support team to try to figure out a solution. Unless you are technologically savy, this can be a very stressful and unnecessary problem to deal with. By using a local company with professional installation, they are your full time security provider and from the time they install your system to when you need them to come out to service your system, they will be there. Also with most local companies you can expect anywhere between same day or next day service for most issues.



It’s all about creating long term relationships and maintaining them. With DIY companies, the relationship is very limited because they are mass marketing to everyone. They are mainly meant for bare bones basic systems without customization or personalized support. With local companies, you can expect to have a close relationship with them as they feel personally responsible for your safety and education when it comes to security. Also their reputation is based on word of mouth in the local community so it drives more business to them, and ultimately gives you a better customer experience.

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