Flood Detection in Your Home

Are you seasonally at your home? Do you leave your home thinking, did I forget to turn off sink? Water detection technology has come a long way. With Alarm.com Flood Detection Sensors, you will be able to detect and be alerted to the presence of water leaks or build up within your home. Where do I place them? We recommend having them installed in vulnerable areas, such as bathrooms, under sinks, and under any appliance that water is connected to (Refrigerators, Dishwashers, etc.) When a sensor is activated, it will create an Alarm.com alert that you will receive on your smartphone. At this moment, you can check on the problem and close your water valve in order to minimize the damage. 

   Yes, you also have the option of installing an Automatic Shutoff Valve in addition to your Alarm.com Flood Detection Sensors. This can give you the option of turning your water off from your smartphone. A rule can also be created on Alarm.com to shut off your Water Valve as soon as a leak is detected by a Flood Detection Sensor, minimizing any possible damage by shortening the amount of time it would take you to react to a notification. 

    Another great addition to these valves, is adding a Water Usage Meter to your Alarm.com Smart Home System, which can give you a better insight on your daily water usage. Let’s say for an example, that the toilet at your home runs longer than they should, you will receive a notification based on parameters that you have set-up to let you know that the flow is greater than usual. Let’s also say you have members in the household that takes extra-long showers. The Water Usage Meter will alert you to this, so that you can intervene and eliminate the extra costs associated with wasteful water usage.  Overtime, you will see a savings based on water usage reporting. This itself can be a great way to save money while adding more peace of mind to your security system. 

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