Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one the most anticipated days of the year where kids get to dress up as their favorite characters and go around neighborhoods to trick or treat and possible stay out past their bedtime. Of course, you want your kids to enjoy themselves, but like most parents you are concerned for their safety. We want to share some safety tips that you can use with your kids, along with safety precautions to use at your home when the trick-or-treaters arrive.


Knowing Location

It’s important to know the exact location of where your kids will be trick or treating. If you’re with them, they’ll be fine, but if they are with their friends or other parents, it’s very important to know where they will be throughout the night. If they have a smartphone, make sure you enable the location finder to use as a locator in the event of an emergency. Set a check in time with your child to call you to let you know their whereabouts.


Costume Safety

When it comes to certain costumes, make sure your kids are wearing something that allows them to see properly and also breath properly at all times. This will allow them to be more alert of their surroundings, people walking near them and allows them to be more aware of traffic on the roads. Another thing to be aware of is the material of your child’s costume. Many discount costumes are made from highly flammable material that could pose a danger to your child should they be near an open flame, such as a Jack-O-Lantern lit by a candle.


Street Safety

Kids can get pretty excited when it comes to trick or treating, and sometimes not always paying attention to road hazards. Make sure to let your kids know if your not with them, to look across the street both ways before crossing and to always use a crosswalk if available. Also make sure your kids are in areas that have streetlights and are not as dark so they can see around better. Streetlights also make it harder for people to hide in the shadows.


Candy Choices

Always be sure that you check over your child’s candy stash before they dig in. Look for misshapen packages, odd brand names and open wrappers. Its unlikely that there will be something suspicious, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Also remember to check for anything that your child may be allergic to.


House Safety

Always make sure to check the front door before actually opening the door. This is one of the times of the year, where people open their doors to total strangers, its best to keep your guard up. Make sure the front of the house is well lit and that they are no objects that can potentially cause a child to get hurt. Keep valuable items inside of your home to deter vandals.


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