How Smart is Your Door Lock?


Keys are something we’ve become accustomed to carrying for a long time. We have all been there, you lose your keys and panic ensues. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ditch your keys forever?  With today’s technology advancements you can do just that! Now you lock and unlock your door by typing a code into a keypad. Better yet, you can use your smartphone and only hit one button! Below are some of the benefits of installing a smart door lock and how you can say goodbye to those keys, forever!


What is a smart door lock?

A Smart door lock is a device that takes the place of your existing deadbolt. Smart door locks are easy to install and operate. Smart door locks give you the ability to lock and unlock your door from the attached numerical keypad or from your smart phone.


Benefits of Smart Door Lock


Additional User Codes

Don’t have a spare key? No worries! By assigning different codes to trusted people (babysitter, kids, service provider, or even dog walker), they will be able to enter their assigned code and unlock your door without having to use a key. Upon unlocking your door, you can receive a text or push notification, notifying you that your door has been unlocked and by whom. You can also be alerted if someone is trying to unlock your lock with unrecognized codes.


Scene Automation

Smart door locks have the capability to communicate with other smart devices that you install in your home. Chain of event commands can be set up in your system. These chains are called, Scenes. For example, your smart door lock can be customized in a scene to communicate with your thermostat and smoke detector in case of a fire. In the event of a fire, your smoke detector will communicate with your thermostat to shut off the airflow in your home in order to stall smoke from traveling throughout house. Last it will unlock your door, in order to allow easy exit or entrance for the fire department.

Another scene can be set up connecting your medical pendant and your smart door lock. In the event, you need medical assistance, you can hold down button on medical pendant and notify EMT along with unlocking your smart door lock for easy access to your home.


Peace of Mind

The same way you can set up your smart door lock to notify you when a user unlocks it, you can also receive alerts if your smart door lock is not unlocked by a pre-determined time. For example, if your kids get home from school at a certain time every day or are out past curfew, you can receive a notification that your child is running late. This gives you the ability to take action in a situation immediately. Your smart door lock can also send you alerts when your door is unlocked at an unexpected time that isn’t set up with code.


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