How Video Analytics Affect Your Home & Business

A security system with video monitoring can show you everything that happens at your home & business from every angle. It can be a lot of information which can overwhelming to review and finding specific events.

With Video Analytics technology, you’ll gain a totally different experience. You’ll see the specific events that matter the most without having to go thru all the dead space of footage. Video Analytics can identify the difference between specific important events to other activities in real time.  You can also customize particular video alerts for specific type of activity and how your home & business responds to them.

For Your Home:

Vehicles: By setting up a perimeter, you’ll be able to identify when any vehicle enters your driveway or stops outside your home.

Intruders: Your video analytics can also be set up to turn on your outdoor lights if there’s a person outside, while ignoring other obstructions in view.

Pets: You can know if your pet decides to take a nap on the couch while you are at work, or if a neighborhood animal pays an unwelcome visit to your property.

Visitors: By adding a smart doorbell, you can use analytics to alert you of visitors that walk within the doorbell’s view area regardless of if they ring the bell or not.

For Your Business:

Customers: When customers enter/leave your business, receive alerts of the amount of people that came and left.

After Hours: See when unknown or known people walk around the property at your business when closed.

Theft: Capture a specific moment when a person or employee does something unethical such as stealing.

Lawsuit Prevention: Gather evidence if a situation occurs that involves staff or if a customer experiences a slip and fall to prevent false accusations.

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