Meet the Smart Thermostat


Saving energy at your home just got a whole lot easier. By replacing your current thermostat with a smart thermostat, you will see a huge difference in savings along with added security benefits.


Financial Savings

We all have days where we forget to turn up the air before we leave for the day, only to return to a freezing home. What we tend to notice it the most is on our electric bill at the end of the month. By setting schedules with your smart thermostat, you will be able to control the temperature throughout the day and have it increase and decrease at preferred schedules. This will save you the time of wondering if you adjusted the temperature and also see savings on your monthly electric bill.



Smart Integration

As if the thermostat wasn’t smart enough, it also has the capability to integrate with your entire security system. By having wireless sensors on your doors and windows, your AC can automatically adjust when these doors or windows are open. This saves you from cooling the whole neighborhood down. Also you can add Wireless Temperature Sensors throughout your home as well. Wireless Temperature Sensors, able your thermostat to monitor and optimize temperatures for comfort in your chosen areas.


Life Safety

Yes, the smart thermostat can save your life as well when it comes to a fire. By integrating your smart thermostat with your security system, it will also communicate with any monitored smoke detectors tied with your system. For example, if a fire was to occur, your smoke detector automatically tells the smart thermostat to shut off. By instantly shutting off your HVAC system, this minimizes the chance of smoke traveling throughout your home.




You would be surprised at how convenient and simplistic your life will be with a Smart Thermostat. There’s a feature that comes with smart home application called Geo Fencing. What this does, is allow you to set up a perimeter from your home, so that whenever your smart phone crosses it, it will then set temperature to preferred settings. Nothing beats coming home from long day at work and walking into an already cool home. And last, just being able to control your thermostat from an app on your smartphone adds a whole level of simplicity and easy management.


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