Summer Vacation Five Step System: Part 1

   With summer here, its time to visit your favorite destinations! Before you leave your home ask yourself, “Have I done the proper check-ups to make sure everything is safe and secure?” With our five-step system, you will have peace of mind while you enjoy your summer vacation.

Step 1:  Make sure all of your doors and windows are closed and locked before you leave. All it takes is one unlocked door or window to allow an intruder to enter anytime of the day. By locking and securing your doors and windows will create more of a challenge of them penetrating your home. Most burglars will abandon a break in attempt if they do not have an easy entry point.

Step 2: Have a trusted friend or family member to check and collect your mail and any delivered packages that may be delivered while you are away. Most Post Offices will hold your mail for a set amount of time upon request, if you do not have someone that can keep an eye on your home. Burglars know to watch mailboxes for infrequent collection. It is a sure tell sign that you are not home.

Step 3: Remember to set your thermostat up a few degrees. This will help you to save a few dollars on your electric bill. Enjoy that extra savings on your vacation!  

Step 4: Ensure that you leave an interior light on to give the illusion that someone is occupying your home. An intruder is less likely to attempt to break in to your home if they believe that someone is home.  

Step 5: Make sure that your water is shut off while your are away. This will prevent any leak happening from pipe, toilet, or sink, which can cause flooding within in your home, ultimately preventing destruction of your home and prevention of mold. 

  These steps will help you proactively protect your home while you are away. Creating a barrier of security and peace of mind. But did you know that there is an easy way to remember to complete all of these tasks? It’s called Automation! Stay tuned until next week and we’ll show you how!


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