How Vulnerable is My Security System?


Is my alarm system vulnerable, and how easy is it to bypass? These may be questions that may pop up in your mind when coming to a security system. We see it the movies sometimes, where the bad guy plugs in his machine and it deciphers the alarm code, but is that possible? There are many ways we make your security system safe and hack proof.


Cellular Communication

Security systems require a form of communication to reach the outside from your home or business. For many years, security systems connected through your existing phone to your monitoring company in the event of an emergency. The vulnerability with that was the possibility that someone could cut your phone line, thereby killing the communication. The solution for this is a cellular communicator that is installed separately with your security system. This allows your security system to have its own primary source of communication and frequency in order to communicate to your monitoring company without having to use the phone line.


System Self Check

How do I know if there’s a problem with my security system? Luckily, with our systems, they do a diagnostic every 64 minutes, which scans for internal problems that your system may have. As problems arise, you will be notified immediately.


Tamper-Proof Notifications

How do I know if somebody tampered with something on my security system? With our security systems, you can set up real time notifications to be sent to you via text in case of a tamper. With our systems you’ll have access to track everything that’s going on. Let’s say somebody tries to open up a wireless sensor in hope of coming back later. As they open up the wireless sensor, it will send you a tamper message via text letting you know that the sensor was tampered with. Let’s say you have a hardwired system where everything is connected back to the mainframe panel that is usually stored in a closet. If somebody tries to open up panel, a switch that is hidden inside of panel, which will trigger an alarm and also send you tamper notification.


Smash and Crash

You’ve now entered your premises and your security system starts to count down for you to turn it off. It can have a delay set of anywhere between 30-60 seconds before the actual siren goes off. Now, lets say the bad guy makes it to mainframe of system and smashes everything including back up battery. What happens next? With most systems, you would be out of luck, but with our Smash and Crash technology, your alarm will still transmit a signal to the monitoring company. How does this work? Simply, when you enter your home, the monitoring company looks for a “disarm signal.” This is a signal sent to them when the security system is disarmed. If the monitoring company does not receive this signal, they will dispatch emergency response to your home for a potential smash and crash.

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