What About My Guns?


Imagine it is 2 AM, and you hear a noise coming from outside your bedroom door. It sounds like someone has entered your home uninvited. Do you grab your firearm and make them regret the choice they’ve made? This is a typical response from gun owners and as attractive of a thought this can be for some, it can include many dangers as well. We want to show you how you can utilize security systems to collaborate with your firearms to create safe alternatives.


While You’re Home

With a security system, there are generally sensors that are placed on entry points such as doors and windows. These sensors connect to your security system and will emit a sound at your keypad if they are opened. When you are home and hear one of sensors, it will alert you that a door or window has been breached and give you the proper heads up to get your firearm and protect your family.


While You’re Away

The biggest problem for using a gun or weapon as your primary security system is what happens when you are away. No one is in your home to deter a possible intruder. The most common items stolen during a burglary are guns, money and jewelry. A security system can detect intruders and alert you and the authorities of a possible burglary. Not to mention an alarm siren is one of the biggest deterrent for criminals.


Gun safety

It is important to keep your firearms in a safe, secure location away from curious eyes or children. The best place to keep firearms in locked away in a safe. A secondary security feature would be to place a micro sensor on your safe allowing you to receive notifications if someone other than yourself opens the safe. These same sensors can also be placed on medicine and liquor cabinets. A great feature if you have teenagers in your home. But more about that in a later blog.

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