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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one the most anticipated days of the year where kids get to dress up as their favorite characters and go around neighborhoods to trick or treat and possible stay out past their bedtime. Of course, you want your kids to enjoy themselves, but like most parents you are concerned for their safety. We…

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After-School Safeguards

As a parent, time and money go by so fast! Especially this time of year! That’s right it’s Back to School season for the kids. It’s time to go shopping for clothes, supplies, shoes, and so much more. This is the time when smart security can be very beneficial to families especially those with older…

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What About My Guns?

  Imagine it is 2 AM, and you hear a noise coming from outside your bedroom door. It sounds like someone has entered your home uninvited. Do you grab your firearm and make them regret the choice they’ve made? This is a typical response from gun owners and as attractive of a thought this can…

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4th of July Safety Tips “Murica Style”

  Drinking and Fireworks While it may seem like a good idea at the time, drinking and fireworks do not make nice. Just ask Cousin Chuck with the missing thumb.  It’s safety first when lighting fireworks, so you may want to pass the torch to sober Uncle Tom this year and let him have a…

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Summer Vacation Five Step System: Smart Edition

Last week we shared some safety tips with you to keep your home safe while you are way. Now, we want to share, our Five Step Security Automation System!   Step 1: Ensure that all of your entry points such as doors and windows are secured. By placing sensors on each of these entry points…

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Summer Vacation Five Step System: Part 1

   With summer here, its time to visit your favorite destinations! Before you leave your home ask yourself, “Have I done the proper check-ups to make sure everything is safe and secure?” With our five-step system, you will have peace of mind while you enjoy your summer vacation. Step 1:  Make sure all of your…

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